including Hollybush Farm and Estuary View

New Ownership

It’s a new era for Golden Leas, Hollybush Farm, and Estuary View, as Martin Brunt hands over the reins to new owner Raoul Frazer and his management team.

When you’ve built a business for so long, selling up and moving on isn’t a decision that’s lightly taken. Here’s Martin Brunt’s final Facebook message to everyone at Golden Leas .

Martin Brunt

Martin Brunt

This really is my last post to the Golden Leas FB page. I just wanted to express my thanks to everyone for their kindness, generosity, thanks and good wishes. You can see from the photo that I did very well indeed! The photo doesn’t even include the three delicious cakes I received because they have mostly been eaten! Friday night’s party will live long in my memory.

It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with everyone over the years and I cannot thank you enough. However the business is now entering a new and exciting era and I really think that is in good hands. I really hope that it goes well for Raoul, for everyone who works there and most of all, for you, the caravan owners and customers of Golden Leas, Hollybush Farm, Estuary View and Peartree Farm.

Martin Brunt

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