Frequently Asked Questions


What are the annual Site Fees?


Standard Base – £2000 payment in full (8 month license 01.03.2017 to 31.10.2017) OR 10 payments of £228 per month by direct debit
Premier Base - £2150 payment in full (8 month license 01.03.2016 to 31.10.2017) OR 10 payments of £243 per month by direct debit

Optional November and December extension to 02.01.2018 - £300
All prices include VAT and there are no additional charges for rates or water.

Site fees can be paid for in cash, by cheque, by bank transfer, by direct debit and by debit and credit cards with no extra charge.


What is the operating season for the park?

The season runs from 1st March to October 31st each year and our license allows caravan owners to occupy their caravan for holiday purposes on any night within those dates. It is possible to purchase a two month extension (see above) to include November and December but over this time the Office runs reduced hours and is not open at weekends and the Club and Shop are closed throughout November and December.

During the closed season 2nd January to 28th February, caravan owners are not able to stay in their caravans overnight although they are most welcome to visit their caravans from time to time during the day. Over the closed season, our office is only open Monday to Friday, and the site entrance is locked at nights and at weekends. Wardens live on both sites and carry out regular patrols of the sites and caravans over the winter period.


What are the costs associated with purchasing a caravan?

The price of caravans as stated in our price list includes pitch fees for the current season, siting on the base, all connections to services, chaining down (although subsequent maintenance of the chains is the caravan owners responsibility), TV aerial, steps for front and rear doors, gas test by GAS SAFE registered engineer and a free bottle of gas. The only thing we do not include is insurance.


What are the Insurance requirements and related costs ?

It is a condition that each caravan must have dedicated insurance cover with third party liability cover of £1,000,000. An extension of a home policy is not sufficient.We recommend Leisuredays caravan insurance, one of the major static caravan insurers in the UK and you can visit their website at or call 0800 652 4626.


What are your policies related to Electricity, Water and Gas?

Electricity is supplied to each caravan via a meter which is read twice per season and we ask you to settle the bills we raise promptly. Electricity is charged on the number of units you use, there are no standing charges or meter reading charges. The electricity supply into each caravan is 16 amps/3.8kW which is enough to run most appliances but it is not the same capacity as a house and use of 2 and 3 bar electric fires is likely to cause interruption of the supply to the caravan. The caravan gas fire should be used for the main source of heating.

Propane gas is supplied to caravans in either 19kg or 47kg bottles which you can purchase from the office and which we deliver out to your caravan. We do not sell gas after 3.30 pm so we advise customers to keep a spare because the gas always seems to run out in the middle of cooking a meal! When you go home, you must turn off the gas supply at the bottle.

Water is currently supplied to each caravan free of charge supplied via a stop valve next to each caravan. It is your responsibility to make sure this is turned off when you go home.


How can I buy a caravan?

You can purchase a caravan either from us or direct from an existing owner (private sale). In both cases, you will need to sign our site license agreement and receive a set of our site rules and terms of business. If you are considering buying a caravan from us and would like to see our paperwork before you take it further, please get in touch with us and we will be pleased to either post it or email it to you.

IMPORTANT. If you are buying a caravan direct from an existing caravan owner, you must come in and see us and complete a transfer before you part with any money. The transfer agreement is signed by the seller, the buyer and ourselves and it represents your proof of purchase. We will remove the caravan from its pitch if the transfer is not completed properly.


Can I rent my caravan out?

Customers like the fact that our parks are owners only parks, so we do not do caravan rentals ourselves and we do not allow customers to rent out their caravan on a commercial basis (ie as a business) However we would be quite happy for you to rent out your caravan to family and friends on an occasional basis for holiday use only. Your guests are able to use our facilities free of charge but as caravan owner, you are still responsible for their behaviour at all times, even if you are not on site. You are not allowed to enter in to a long term rental arrangements (greater than two weeks) and you must not grant a written lease to a third party or allow any claims for housing benefit to be made on the caravan. This would be considered to be a major breach of your license agreement with us.


Do you allow Dogs?

Yes – provided they are kept on a lead at all times on the parks and are not of a breed that are covered by the Dangerous Dogs Act or require a muzzle or in the opinion of the site owner, may constitute a danger. We ask that you only exercise your animal in the designated areas and that you clean up all mess and place it in the dog bins provided. We also ask you to consider the impact your dog’s behaviour may have onyour neighbours; for example, we would not tolerate continuous barking for long periods.


Can my caravan be my main residence?

No – Caravans on our parks can only be used for holiday purposes. This means that the caravan must not be your main residence. We ask for proof of main residence and will continue to do so from time to time while you own the holiday home.


How Frequently can I stay at my caravan? 

You can occupy your caravan on any night between 1st March and 31st October (8 month license) each year. Many customers like to come down to their caravans for long periods but to comply with the holiday use condition in our terms the caravan must not be your main residence. So for example commuting to work from the caravan or sending your children to a local school would be taken as strongly indicating that the caravan is being used as your main residence and that the holiday use restriction was no longer being complied with.


What are the consequences if I break the Holiday use restrictions?

Your license agreement with us contains your undertaking to comply with the holiday use condition. If you broke that we would ask you to stop doing so. If you were to fail to comply, we would be entitled to terminate the agreement and ask you to remove the caravan from our premises.


Can I run a business from the caravan?

No. This would not be consistent with the holiday use condition in our terms. If you used our address as a base for your business and you were dealing with customers from the caravan we would consider that you were running a business which would be in breach of your license agreement with us. However, we understand that you may need to keep in touch with your business or work whilst visiting the caravan at weekends or on holiday and this of course would not go against the holiday use principle.


Can I sell my caravan?

Yes of course, the caravan is your property. If you want to sell your caravan we ask that you first of all notify us and allow us the chance to make an offer. If we cannot agree a price, then you are free to sell your caravan privately to a third party providing your caravan is less than 20 years old based on year of original manufacture. We can help you sell it by putting details on our stock list and our website, but you are responsible for conducting the sale process. One you have agreed a sale, you must bring the buying in to see us and you must complete a transfer agreement document with us and the buyer and a transfer fee is payable to us by the seller.


Do you have a caravan age restriction policy?

Yes we do. Many caravan parks operate a strict 15 year age limit because they want to keep the average age of caravans on park as young as possible and to generate more caravan sales. At Golden Leas, we have same need but we also recognise that many of our owners have been with us for many years and it seems unfair to force a loyal customer to upgrade or leave when the caravan is only 15 years old and still has life left in it. Our policy is as follows:-

When your caravan reaches its 20th year from year of original manufacture, we no longer allow you to sell it on its pitch to a third party (private sale) but you can still continue to use it and you can still part exchange it with us for a newer caravan.

When your caravan reaches its 25th year from year of original manufacture, we then review its status annually, but if it is still in good useable condition and its appearance is not detrimental to surrounding caravans or the park in general you can continue to use it. If we do end your license agreement in these circumstances, we will try to sell the caravan to a caravan dealer and will forward on to you the entire sale proceeds and if we are unable to sell it we will bear the costs of disposal.


What are the Golden Lease Club operating timings?

As caravan owners, you and your family and guests are entitled to use the Golden Leas Club. Parents must accompany children in the Club after 9.00 p.m. The Club is a licensed premises and children must not sit at the bar and persons under the age of 18 cannot purchase or be purchased alcohol.

We open the Club every weekend throughout the season from 6.00 p.m. on Friday, from 12.00 midday on Saturday and Sunday and everyday from 12.00 midday through the school holidays. We are open to 12.00 midnight on Fridays and 01.00 a.m. on Saturdays throughout the season. We also open the Club from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm during the week outside school holidays on Thursday evenings between April and September.

We have entertainment in the Club every Saturday through the season, some Friday nights and most evenings during school holidays. Please see our entertainment programme elsewhere on the website. Please also “like” our Facebook to receive regular entertainment updates and news.

Cooked food is available in the Club from our food bar who offer a range of delicious meals and snacks at very reasonable prices.


When are the swimming pools open? What are their operating times and rules?

Our outdoor pools are open from the second week of May to the first week of September. We open the pool every weekend and every day during the school holidays. The pool is attended at weekends and during the school holidays and all children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible adult. If in the opinion of the pool attendants, your child is not able to swim properly, your child will not be allowed in the pool unless they are wearing arm bands. The pool is 0.9 metres deep at the shallow end and 1.2 metres deep at the deep end and there are no abrupt changes of depth.

We also have a heated toddlers’ pool with a gently sloping bottom from zero depth to 0.3metres with some fun splashing water features.

Safety of pool users is paramount and we expect all pool users to respect the pool rules and co-operate with the pool attendants at all times.

Outside of weekends and school holidays, the pool is available on request to the office. During these times, there is no pool attendant on duty and persons under the age of 16 wanting to swim must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We operate a wrist band system and we ask that all children wear the wrist band at all times in the pool. Wrist bands are allocated to each caravan and wrist bands for guests can be obtained from the office for a £5 refundable deposit.


When is the Golden Leas shop open? What can I buy there?

The Golden Leas Shop offers a good range of sweets with a pick and mix, fresh food, tinned food, fresh dairy produce, newspapers, frozen foods as well as delicious warm pies and warm bread. It is open all day, every day, during weekends and school holidays and it is open every morning during the week outside of school holidays.