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A Bit of Golden Leas History

When Golden Leas was first started in 1960 it was originally known as the Endeavour Caravan Park. The site was then purchased by well known local businessman George Wharton (I think he bought it at the end of the seventies) and he changed the name to White Horse Caravan Park. In August 1997 Mr Wharton sold the business to a Mr Kevern Leigh who changed the name again to Golden Leas Holiday Park. Mr Leigh only had the business for six months and I purchased Golden Leas from him in January 1998 retaining the Golden Leas name.

I thought you might be interested in the two pictures below. The first is of the old Endeavour Clubhouse, probably taken in the 1960s (fifty years ago!). The second picture is of the White Horse Clubhouse, I think probably taken in the early 1980s. Our current Clubhouse is partly the same building but extended on the front. The photos were given to me by Zoe Plumb whose Nan used to have a caravan here in the old days. Many thanks Zoe for sending them to me.

Posted by Martin 23/9/2011
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